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News & Updates

Press Release for DoL - October 2010

Update time! DoL is still kicking ass at the festivals and has just recently been Officially Selected for a few more!

Scope out the updated list of our achievements!


Best Horror Short - Action on Film International Festival


Best Short: B-Fest: Syracuse International Film Festival

Official Selection:

2010 California Independent Film Festival
2010 Action on FIlm International Film Festival
2010 Atlanta Horror Film Festival
2010 Dragon*Con International Film Festival
2010 Sacramento Horror Film Festival
2010 Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival
2010 ShockerFest International Film Festival
2010 B-Fest: Syracuse International Film Festival

Thanks for all the support these last few months!
Be sure to pick up your copy at the DoL store and add our group on Facebook!!!


Press Release for DoL - July 2010

Hey everybody! It's been a while but we have some great news for you!

DoL has been accepted so far to the Action on Film International Film Festival, for which we have been nominated for Best Horror Short, the Atlanta Horror Film Festival, where we are a part of a section entitled SOMETHING SMELLS DEAD: ZOMBIE SHORTS PROGRAM, and lastly we have also been selected to show at Atlanta's answer to Comic Con, Dragon*Con, as part of their own Independent Film Festival.

In the meantime, DoL DVDs and Posters are officially up for Preorder! Purchasing one will help contribute to the support of the film at festivals for the next year or so. Get your copy and poster today at!

Thanks for your support!

Press Release for DoL - May 2010

Hey folks! It's been a while but here's a much needed update: DoL premiered at the California Independent Film Festival on April 24th to thunderous applause. It was a good test run to see how everything looked on the big screen!

The next order of business is to start tweaking the film for a DVD release hopefully sometime early this Summer. In the meantime, we've submitted to about a score of festivals for the late summer and Halloween seasons and we're hoping to make it into a lot of them! Wish us luck! Keep checking the Facebook page for instant news and while you're there, add the group and read this local article about DoL that's hot off the press! See you at the festivals!


Press Release for DoL - February 2010

DoL is heavy into post-production! Picture has locked and as you're reading this, director Brandon Hunt and crew are hard at work creating the sound mix, composing the score, compositing the effects, and color correcting the picture amongst other various post tasks. Release is expected to take place around late March or early April so keep your eyes peeled for info in the meantime!

Check out the Facebook Group for DoL for more updates:


Press Release for DoL - September 2009

"THE DUTY OF LIVING" has officially completed principal photography and will now move into post-production.


Press Release for DoL - August 2009

We are pleased and proud to officially announce the award winning actor Juan Riedinger as our lead character "Darren Stark."

Pre-production is now complete as cast and crew anticipate principle photography.


Press Release for DoL - July 2009

Casting for “THE DUTY OF LIVING,” an ambitious and tragic film about a family's quest for survival during a zombie apocalypse, is now complete.

Key positions have been filled with top Bay Area artists and experts in camera, sound, editing, production design, special effects, make-up effects, and post production special effects.

“THE DUTY OF LIVING” will be filmed in September of 2009 on a RED ONE camera in the Bay Area of Northern California.

Wide festival release is set for early 2010.

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